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Message ID: 303     Entry time: Fri Jun 10 14:02:17 2016
Author: TD (courtesy VFEP) 
Subject: [How to] Avoid Power-Cycling/Rebooting FEE64s 
If you obtain the 'unable to connect' from one, or more, of the FEE64s try the
following procedure *before* power-cycling/rebooting all of the FEE64s. 

1) From the Firefox web browser (Workspace 2) close any tab related to the Merge program
   typically 'MERGE: Control', 'Merger Link Data Rates' and 'MRGE Statistics'

2) Restart the Merge program by selecting the 'MergeServer' icon on the task bar at the top
   of the display which the run the script /MIDAS/Merger/AIDA/Startup

   Restarting the Merge program in this way will ensure that all merge program components
   are removed and that the merge program starts with a timestamp of zero.

   [Attempts to just restart manually which fail to remove ALL of the link tasks will cause
    the data collection for those FEE64 links to an existing link task to fail (port already
    in use).

    It is also important that the Merge restarts with the time stamp at zero and with the link
    queues all empty  (which happens when the software is reloaded)]

3) From the Firefox web browser (Workspace 2) 'MERGE: Control' tab

   Select Reload

   The Merge state should now be 'Unknown'

   Select Configure & Setup

   Select GO

   This should immediately commence reading data from the links and sending merged data to the
   TapeServer if enabled.

   Select Toggle Merge Data Transfer State to toggle data transfer to the TapeServer 

   Select Toggle Merge Program Pause State to toggle input data to the Merge program

Based upon notes from VFEP (originally written for the IDS LyrTech system at CERN)
ELOG V3.1.4-unknown