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Message ID: 414     Entry time: Mon Oct 31 04:50:59 2016
Author: TD 
Subject: [How to] Monitor AIDA (October 2016) 
All AIDA operations are controlled from the Dell T410 Workstation aidas1 using web browsers.

AIDA has multiple, independent data acquisition servers connected by an Ethernet network.

Response times to commands, information updates etc are ~10-60s - please be patient!

Every 4h

1) Desktop 7 - 2x PUTTY terminal sessions

   Each PUTTY terminal session is connected to a CAEN N1419 4 ch HV Power Supply 

   Addr 00

   Ch 0 = DSSSD # 1
   Ch 3 = DSSSD # 4

   Addr 01

   Ch 0 = DSSSD # 5
   Ch 1 = DSSSD # 6

   Sequentially select each terminal and obtain a screenshot (Alt-PrtScn) of DSSSD #1 = #6 detector
   bias voltages and leakage currents
   Upload screenshots to BRIKEN Elog

   If B2F/F11 ambient temperature information is available please add this information to the Elog

   Compare DSSSD leakage currents (and temperatures) with previous observations 

2) Desktop 1 - Firefox web browser - Temperatures tab

   Select 'Reload'

   Check temperatures

       Virtex < 70 deg C
       PSU    < 45 deg C
       ASIC   < 70 deg C

   Note that the ASIC temperatures for some data acquisition servers sometimes read back as 0.0

   *If the temperature values above are exceeded switch off AIDA FEE64 electrical power* as follows

   Desktop 6 - Firefox web browser

   From 'Rly16 Control' select 'Switch ALL off'

   and *now* seek expert help

*If* DAQ running also

3) Desktop 1 - Firefox web browser - Run Control tab

   Select 'Update'

   Check state of *all* data acquisition servers is 'going'
   Check histogramming and data transfer #1 are enabled as indicated by 'H X' tags

5) Desktop 2 - Firefox web browser - MERGE tab

   Select 'Reload'

   Check merge rate (~0.5-2M data items/s) consistent with value observed at start of run

   Observe active spinners in MERGE and TapeServer server terminal windows adjacent to web browser

6) Desktop 2 - Firefox web browser - TapeServer tab

   Select 'Reload'

   Check data rate consistent with value observed at start of run
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