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Message ID: 418     Entry time: Thu Nov 3 02:29:45 2016
Author: TD 
Subject: [How To] Startup AIDA (October 2016) 
Assumes 3-phase ac power (to Julabo FL11006 recirculating chiller) and single-phase ac power
(to AIDA NIM bins, PSUs, network switches, USB-controlled ac mains relay and Raspberry Pi)
is connected and switched on.

All AIDA operations are controlled from the Dell T410 Workstation aidas1 using web browsers.

AIDA has multiple, independent data acquisition servers connected by an Ethernet network.

Response times to commands, information updates etc are ~10-60s - please be patient!

1) Start Julabo FL11006 Recirculating Chiller

   See manual (page 19) 
   Set point +20 deg C

   Check flow of coolant by inspecting the two flow indicators which are located on top of
   the AIDA stand

   Do NOT proceed if the Julabo FL11006 Recirculating Chiller is not operating, or if there
   is little, or no, flow in one, or both, flow indicators.

2) Start interface to USB-controlled ac mains relay to AIDA data acquisition servers

   On the AIDA Dell T410 Workstation aidas1 switch to Desktop 7 and start a Firefox web browser
   Enter URL   http://nnrpi1:8015/AIDA/Rly16/

   See attachment 1

   Select 'Sequence ALL On' to powerup the AIDA data acquisition servers

   Check all relays Relay 1 to Relay 8 move from the 'Switch ON' to 'Switch OFF' row

   See attachment 2

   Wait 10 minutes (yes - really!) before proceeding

3) Start Httpd Data Acquisition server

   See attachment 3

   Switch to Desktop 1 and select the yellow MIDAS icon 'Httpd for DataAcquisition' which will start a terminal
   to display server messages as follows

System identified is CPU x86_64; Platform is unix; OS is Linux and Version is 2.6.32-504.8.1.el6.x86_64
Environment selected is CPU x64_64; Platform unix; OS Linux64 and Operating System Linux64
MIDASBASE = /MIDAS@aidas and MIDAS_LIBRARY = /MIDAS@aidas/TclHttpd/Linux64
package limit is not available: can't find package limit
Running with default file descriptor limit
package setuid is not available: can't find package setuid
Could not change to user 50 group 50: not owner
/debug user "debug" password "jhi+u8jzdbpl"
httpd started on port 8015

Custom startup from /MIDAS@aidas/config/TclHttpd/aidas1@8015/startup.tcl
DefineMessage defined with server at
Loaded MemSasAccess
loading tcl/AIDARunControl.tcl for namespace ::
RunControlClient provided
RunControlClient loaded
Completed custom startup from /MIDAS@aidas/TclHttpd/Html/AIDA/RunControl/stats.defn.tcl

   See attachment 4

4) Start web browser for interface to AIDA

   Switch to Desktop 1 and start Firefox web browser

   Enter URL     localhost:8015

   See attachment 5

5) Commence startup of AIDA interface

   Select 'AIDA Experiment Control'

   See attachment 6

6) From AIDA Experiment Control tab 

   Select 'AIDA Hardware Control'

   See attachment 7

   Select 'Data Acquisition Run Control'

7) Reset and setup all data acquisition servers

   From 'Data Acquisition Run Control' tab

   See attachment 8

   Select 'Act On ALL Data Acquisition Servers'

   The web page will update (~20s) to show the status of all of the configured AIDA FEE64
   data acquisition servers which are named nnaida1, nnaida2 ... etc

   See attachment 9

   Select 'Reset'

   Wait for update and check that the state of *all* data acquisition servers is 'reset'

   Select 'Setup'

   Wait for timestamp re-synchronisation pop-up

   See attachments 10-11

   Usually all data acquisition servers (nnaida1, nnaida2 ... etc) will ReSYNC OK and you may proceed to step 8.

   Sometimes one, or more, data acquisition servers report ReSYNC not complete.

   Re-select the 'AIDA Experiment Control' tab and select 'AIDA Hardware Control'

   See attachments 12-13

   From the 'AIDA Hardware Control' tab select 'Master Timestamp Control'

   From the 'Master Timestamp Control' tab

   Select 'Reload'

   Select FEE64 -> nnaida6

   Select 'Perform ReSYNC'

   Wait for timestamp re-synchronisation pop-up.
   All data acquisition servers 9Nnaida1, nnaoida2 .. etc) should ReSYNC OK - if they do not
   please seek expert help

8) Start ASIC controls

   Re-select the 'AIDA Experiment Control' tab and select 'AIDA Hardware Control'

   See attachments 12-13

   Select 'ASIC Control'

   See attachment 14

   From 'ASIC Control' tab
     select 'Act on ALL FEE64 modules' and await page update
     select 'Act on ALL ASICs' and await page update

   See attachment 15

9) Check FEE64 operating temperatures

   Re-select the 'AIDA Hardware Control' tab and select 'FEE Temperatures'

   See attachment 16

   Check temperatures

       Virtex < 70 deg C
       PSU    < 45 deg C
       ASIC   < 70 deg C

   Note that the ASIC temperatures for some data acquisition servers sometimes read back as 0.0
   *If the temperature values above are exceeded switch off AIDA FEE64 electrical power* as follows
   Desktop 6 - Firefox web browser

   From 'Rly16 Control' select 'Switch ALL off' and *now* seek expert help

10) Perform system-wide diagnostic checks

    Re-select the 'AIDA Hardware Control' tab and select 'System Wide Checks'

    See attachments 17-18

11) Start servers for data merging and output to disk

    Switch to Desktop 2 and start the 'Httpd for Merge/TapeServer', 'Merger' and 'TapeServer' servers
    by selecting the three adjacent MIDAS in sequence

    See attachment 19

    Three terminal sessions will pop-up to display server messages. These terminals should be moved to
    left of the desktop and arranged as shown 

    See attachment 20

    This will enable you to simultaneously observe the latest messages from each server and the activity
    spinners of the Merger and TapeServer servers 

12) Start web interface to Merger and TapeServer

    Start Firefox web browser

    Enter URL     localhost:8115

    See attachment 21

13) Open data file

    Select 'Tape Service'

    See attachment 22

    In the 'TapeServer Service' tab complete the Volume Name, Run Name and Run Number fields.
    Typically the volume name will the experiment ID (e.g. NP1234) and Run Name (R). 

    See attachment 23

    Select 'Go' 

    See attachment 24

    This will create an experiment directory if it does not already exist (e.g. /TapeData/NP1234)
    and will open a data file within this directory with a filename concatenating the Run Name
    and Run Number fields - if the selected file already exists a new filename (Run Number) will
    be suggested

14) Setup merger

    Re-select the 'AIDA' tab and select 'MERGE Control'

    See attachment 25

    Select 'Setup & Configure'

    See attachment 26

    Select 'Go'

    See attachment 27

    Select 'Toggle Merge Program Pause State' 

    See attachment 28

15) Enable histogramming and data transfer #1 links

    Switch to Desktop 1 and re-select 'Data Acquisition Run Control' tab

    Select Histogramming 'Enable All' and Data Transfer #1 'Enable All'

16) AIDA is now ready to commence collecting data 
    - you can proceed from step 5 of
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